Attention! We do not produce extracts, infusions and decoctions, which destroy many of the properties of the medicinal plants. Our technology, “Secrets of Longevity”, uses a medicinal plant as a whole, and brings to You all the wealth of therapeutic properties given to us by the Nature. When buying it from a pharmacy, pay attention to the fact that Youshould be given rather a preparation containing medicinal plant itself than an extract.


A complex chemical composition determines the diversity of the application of the preparation. The preparation contains Hypericumperforatum herb powder, ascorbic acid. Hypericum contains flavonoids (a group of leading ALS) (about 1.8-2.0%), among which flavonolsgiperozid dominate (3-O-galactoside quercetin) (about 1%) and rutin. Other quercetin glycosides are also known among the flavonoids (quercitrin, izokvertsitrin), as well as apigenin (3.8-and 31.8-basapigenin and amentoflavone, leucoanthocyanins, myricetin.

The giperozid contributes significantly to the antidepressant effect of Deprisens. The second group ALS is represented by hypericin and pseulogiperitsin, which also contribute to the antidepressant effect and determine the antiviral, antibacterial and photosensitization properties. The tanning agents of the condensed nature should be also be attributed to ALS (the composition reaches 10%),conditioning  the binding properties of the preparation. Some researchers consider phloroglucinols (hyperforin) as effectivesubstances, and there is a supposition that it is the given substance that causes the antidepressant properties of the Hypericumpreparation.

Ksantoligans, determining the anti-cancer properties and being among the accompanying substances, present great interest. The hypericum herb also contains phenylpropanoids (caffeic, chlorogenic acid), shikimic acid, coumarins, essential oil (about 0.1-0.3%), carotenoids, vitamin C and tarry substances. It has not been always possible to clearly interpret the contribution of these or those substances in the biological activity due to the diversity of the chemical nature of ALS, and the complexity of the chemical composition, the hypericum herbs as a whole. The consideration of hypericum herb in a group of plants containing flavonoids is also not indisputable, because it is equally possible to relate it to the plants containing anthracene-derivatives, but the priority is given just to flavonoids on the strength of the current approach to the standardization of raw materials.

Pharmacological action: astringent, antiseptic, antidepressant agent, also having choleretic, antispasmodic and photosensitization properties.

The use of Deprisens as an antidepressant is now scientifically grounded as a result of clinical experiments. It positively affects the nervous system. A huge plus was the absence of contraindications and side effects, which become constant companions of chemical antidepressants. Hypericum is indicated for the treatment of depressions of  light and medium stages.

Recommendations on the application: Adults should use 2 tablets 3 times a day during meal.

Course duration: 1 month.

Expiry date: 2 years. To store it in a dry place, protected from light and the reach of children, at a temperature of no higher than 25° C.


An individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, breast-feeding.It is not recommended to use it in case of long stay at the sun, in the presence of intense ultraviolet irradiation, at hypertension, high body temperature, for up to 12-year-old children.To consultwith adoctor beforeuse.