Valeriana  gigafarm

ATTENTION! We do not produce extracts, tinctures and decoctions that destroy many properties of medicinal plants. Our technology uses the medicinal plant as a whole and brings to you all the
resources of medicinal properties given to us by Nature. When buying medicines in the drugstore, please note that you obtain not the extract but the product that contains the medicinal plant itself.

Valeriana medicines are among the most
popular medicinal substances. The regulate
nervous system activity, cardiac activity,
promote to coronary vessels opening and
possess spas-molytic effect, normalize blood
flow, strengthen motor function of bowel
and oppress fermentative processes within it.
Valeriana gigafarm  pills are quietening. It dif-fers
from Valeriana gigafarm from “GIGA FARM ”

series by smaller dosage and it’s less. It means that 2 pills

are equivalent to 1 tablet of Valeriana gigafarm.

Besides pill do not have smell characteristic of Valeriana gigafarm.

The use of supplement is recommended for achievement of

prolonged calming effect at:

Nervous fever, insomnia, asthma, heartbeat, neurosis, neural disorders,

bowel diseases, neurodermia, convulsions, spasms, hysteria, ischias,

epilepsy, headache, migraine, climacteric disorders. Lowers arterial pressure, slows heart rate, lowers cholesterol and glucose level

in blood, eliminates convulsive state, strengthens immunity as it contains

vitamin C.

Vegetative-vascular dystonia, increased nervous irritability, insomnia,

stenocardia, stress, cardiosclerosis.

As a preventive measure Valeriana gigafarm  is used at:

  • liver and bile passages disorders
  • obesity as it oppresses hunger
  • kidney and urinary bladder disorders